Great Parks Foundation Branding—Request for Proposal

Great Parks Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, requests proposals for Branding Services to be completed and presented to Great Parks Foundation by 4 p.m. on Friday, July 21, 2017. Please provide notice of your intention to submit a proposal by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, June 28, 2017.

Questions regarding this RFP should be directed to the Foundation’s Communications and Special Events Manager, Tess Burns at, no later than July 7, 2017. Responses to all questions will be posted here, on the Foundation’s website.

You are invited to review the Request for Proposal document and submit the requested information and materials by the deadline.



The following are questions that have been asked by potential submitters. All questions with answers will be posted here for everyone.
Do you have a sense of how many agencies are participating?

As of June 27, 5 agencies have communicated intent to submit a proposal. The deadline for intent to submit is June 28.

Do you have a general idea about what the budget will be?
The ballpark budget is around $20,000.

How is Great Parks associated with Great Parks Foundation?
Great Parks Foundation (GPF) was established by a resolution of the Great Parks of Hamilton County (Great Parks) Board of Park Commissioners. GPF is a separate 501(c)3 non-profit organization solely benefiting Great Parks. The Board and staff of GPF work alongside Great Parks to achieve the park district's vision and mission.

Are there other Foundations like you in the area?
Yes, Cincinnati Parks has a foundation, the library has a foundation, and many local universities and hospitals have foundations.

Do you already have an agency in mind?
No, we do not have an agency in mind or a prior relationship with an agency.

Who are the primary target audiences for the Great Parks Foundation? Please define "supporters.".
Supporters may be guests who visit the park, guests who purchase activities and products such as kayak rental, snack shop, golfing etc. Supporters may be volunteers, Great Parks has hundreds of volunteers each year. And supporters are also donors.

What are the referenced beliefs & suspicions based on?
These beliefs and suspicions are based on anecdotal evidence. When staff and board members introduce Great Parks Foundation to a new individual/group, there is often confusion about the relationship to Great Parks of Hamilton County, other park districts, and other parks foundations.

Are you seeking this branding work to confirm and/or refute these beliefs and suspicions?
We would like the branding work to increase awareness of Great Parks Foundation and what we do.

Does the Foundation already have any research data (about Parks "supporters," for example) to inform possible branding strategy?
Yes, we have a survey conducted by the University of Cincinnati.

Are the listed items included in the two phases of the Scope of Work the only branding services desired for this project?
Yes, unless there is some other recommendation.

How do you foresee the selected firm will work with both the Great Parks Foundation and the Great Parks Marketing Department for this project?
The firm will mainly work with Alicia Culman, Executive Director of Great Parks Foundation and Tess Burns, Communications and Special Events Manager for the Foundation. Tess can assist in setting up any in-person meetings or phone calls with Great Parks representatives as needed.

Is it possible for the selected firm to begin work sooner after the decision date? (on August 18, rather than waiting until August 28)?

Once a firm is selected, what is the internal approval process/timeline for proposed concepts, content and final designs?
We will have an internal review that will involve leadership and Great Parks of Hamilton County.

The RFP identifies "brand awareness" as this work's objective (one of three noted in Great Parks' strategic plan). How is that awareness to be measured?
We will continue to participate in an annual survey conducted by University of Cincinnati. We also expect that one-on-one interactions with park guests, prospective donors, and corporate supporters will begin with less confusion about Great Parks Foundation.

In the RFP documents, you have suggested a start date; do you have a completion date in mind or a need to have a finalized brand by a certain date?
Yes, by the end of the year.

Can you offer a cost range or share expectations of costs for this branding exercise?
The ballpark budget is $20,000.

Why is now the right time to review the name and create new branding? What is happening in the market or with the goals of the organization (outside of awareness) that is driving this project forward?
The board identified brand awareness as a point of improvement and added it as one of the goals in the strategic plan.